Why choose Web Development as your career path?

Awesome! It’s the first step that you’re thinking that becoming a Web Developer is one good career path. I bet you that you’re correct if you think you will get something with your career when you become a Web Developer. Here are the top reasons why becoming a Professional WebMaster is one of the greatest paths this year 2020:

Everyone needs a Website:

Who doesn’t need a website? In today’s world, it became a necessity to have a website for every business. Because a ready-made information that you will spill out with their client is now a requirement. Everybody is always in a hurry now, heck everyone who is sitting right now in the Metro are looking over their mobile devices searching for something over the internet.

As a web developer, you have the power to make a difference by making a website that has more information-driven, and very easy to navigate.

Website is now Modern Art:

Many people around the world now appreciate the beauty of a website, from just a simple color combination to a masterpiece parallax design. You can see people keep staying to that particular website just to look at the design, the photos, and appreciate the work effort that a webmaster coded.

Being a web developer, there are hundreds of hours delivering a great website. But all efforts are paid once you hit the production and people around the world staying on your page and engaging in it. That’s is the beauty of having a Modern art web design. My professor told us once that Your code can become art.

Learning is FUN:

We all know that programming is a bit difficult especially those syntaxes that hard to remember. In web development, even though some syntax is still a bit difficult to remember. You are being paid off by seeing the actual result of your design in an instant. Unlike in Java programming, every time you made a modification you require to rebuild.

Nothing beats a study session when you can see your hard work displays almost instantly.

The salary is awesome!

6 years ago, the salary of a Web Developer here in the Philippines starts at P12,000 per month. During that time, web development is still underdog when it comes to Application. Window-based applications using VB.net or C# are the beasts during the time (2012). But working in today’s world Web Development are now the norms, especially for Large Companies. Even start-up companies now heavily rely on Web Development. With the help of Javascript and its friends (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL) our industry became largely popular that the demand for developers is in great need. Going to the present, the salary of an entry-level is now ranging from P30,000 to P40,000 per month.

Before we conclude:

If you wish to become a good web developer, always keep your mind hungry from learning the best practice. Because a good web developer always keeps in mind how your code will be readable by everyone. But for starters, here are the stacks that you might want to prepare:

PHP Developer:

As a PHP developer, this is a good place to start your career, as there are hundreds of job posting that requires this kind of stack. One common framework you can use is WordPress. This is the most used framework in PHP language, the majority of businesses used this as a way of sharing information.

ReactJS Developer:

One of the latest stack in the industry, as the continuous rising of Single Page Applications. ReactJS is one of the best contenders in the league. One of its requirements to master this stack is to study thoroughly about Javascript particularly on ES6.

If you can share more information about choosing the Web Developer path, please use the comment section. I would love to hear it from you 🙂

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